For this task, we were given 3 articles to read and respond upon. I could only find two out of the three articles on Moodle. We need to give a keyword to each article and add some thoughts about it. This could be in a form of text/drawing or anything really.

Advertising, design, and morality (Creative Review Magazine): Link

Keyword: Beliefs

I believe as a graphic designer its important to have morals and ethical implications when it comes to advertising/designing. However, I do believe that in some cases like advertising the article said some dishonesty can happen but it doesn’t pass the line of being an ethically wrong thing to do as persuasion is a form of getting things sold even if the customer may not need it. I also found the section “Is it enough simply to act within the law?” interesting because I fully agree with what was stated and never really thought about it before. I agree that you need to look beyond the law as it covers morals in a very small area which means many things may be legal but that still doesn’t make it right its something you need to act upon yourself to create a good image for yourself.

First Things First 2000 (Eye Magazine): Link

Keyword: Communication

I found this article fascinating as it talks about the history of designers and how design has changed over the years. It also covers the dark age of advertising where advertisements were affecting the way consumers speak, think, feel, respond and interact it created a harmful code of public discourse. This was improved in 1964 with an original call signed by visual designers to put skills to worthwhile use. This shows the communication we have together as designers and also shows the scale of communication we have with the world from our designs and how they affect people.