Ethics Definition: Moral guidelines that modern day society uses which mainly has consideration the impacts of their actions on others.

Life Cycles Topic: T-Shirts (Group: Rob, Dan, Nick and Roy)


  • Production process
  • Where and how is distributed to stores even online
  • The buyers and retailers
  • Expensive brands
  • Cheap brands examples (may use sweatshops?)
  • Second hand clothing positives and negatives


  • The money wasted with production and transport (slowly killing earth)
  • Focus on showing the behind the scenes of the workers (day to day life, statistics?)
  • Focus on the shoppers show how clueless they are in what they’re buying
  • Contrast between the worker and the shopper in terms of conditions

Images Inspiration Was Taken From:

Final Idea:

We all agreed that our main focus should be drawn towards the conditions and environment the workers are put under in the T-shirt industry. We also wanted to focus on the audience of this poster who also will be the customers consuming the products made by the victims of this industry. We wanted to draw light on the disconnect between the consumer and the factory workers and how the consumer is often blissfully unaware of where the product (T-shirt) has come from and the process it has been through to get to the perfect clean environment of the shop floor back in the UK. We wanted to deliver a sobering message of the working conditions and show them in the environment of a shop to try and bring a direct link between the workers and the consumers.

The idea stems from similar campaigns taken for eggs and meat producers where people are shown a first hand experience of the environment from which their eating their meat/eggs. Our original idea was to show an obvious contrast between a shopper and a worker within the same room but separated by the clothing racks of the shop which would spilt the room between a shop and the factory environment filled with workers. However, we felt this contrast wasn’t a subtle enough message and wanted to make the contrast a little less obvious. To do this we thought of showing a clothing rack with a gap between the clothes which revealed a sweat shop behind, this gave the effect the clothing rack acting as a curtain being drawn away to reveal the whole process of the T-shirt industry, giving a stark contrast between the sterile shop environment and the factory floor, helping to deliver a strong ethical message that highlights the importance of these workers reminding the user that instead of looking for what appeals to them in a T-shirt they should consider where the product has come from first.