Visual Communication:

I believe that my website meets the standards of the brief via visual communication as it clearly shows a creative aesthetic while being to the point that it’s a portfolio in which the main goal is to show off my work as a graphic designer. I have done a few blogs to show research with other existing websites on how they do effective visual communication in which I took notes off. Visual communication is very important to a designer web portfolio so this was something that took me time to get it best as possible when in the creation process.

The strengths of my websites visual communication would definitely be the layout and colour scheme. The layout is a simplistic one page parallax website which I found was perfect for a portfolio that usually doesn’t require many pages plus I’m a fan of minimalism so this fits perfectly. The colour scheme is white/grey for information and blue for diagrams and the animated background which goes well with the white titled text.

I did consider whether my website would be mis-understood for its purpose of a digital portfolio. To make sure this wasnt the case I made my website simplistic in terms of layout and also a one page parallax making sure all information is read by just scrolling downwards. I also did link my social media that links to graphic design to give better understanding in what I do such as WordPress as that shows the full creation process to many of my final pieces produced.

I always believe that a design is never perfect and can always be improved. I’m personally very happy with my design however there is some ideas that I would have loved to implement but sadly the wix editor I used couldn’t provide these features. One feature was quite specific but I wanted to scroll down and as this was in process each anchor the user goes past it would underline the section on the navigation bar. I did do some research to see if this was possible obviously the request is very specific so I couldn’t find anything on google or the wix forums.

Reflection of own working practices:

I think my time keeping skills was pretty average in this project I’ve been much more effective in other projects. The reason I think this is because the blogging was left to the last week as I was fully focused on getting the website done to the best standard with the features provided on wix.

I found that this brief asked for a lot more than originally thought mainly because this project is over the computer and isn’t really a final print unlike the usual posters and magazines we do. This meant I needed to do blog posts that asked for a file structure and even testing the website in different browsers and so on. I knew that this brief would ask for many screenshots as no final print was involved so that was something I took into consideration instantly while researching and creating.

I think I did my research quite in-depth and relevant to the briefs needs. I started by looking into other existing designer websites to gain inspiration from looking at layout, navigation and style. I then started sketching and listing out ideas and features from all of the inspiration gained this then allowed me to create my website with a solid idea which can then be developed further.

The research done helped me get a step ahead when editing and also gave me help when designing a set theme/colour scheme. I strongly believe that research is one of the most important steps to developing any design as you need to choose an idea from the pile of ideas you think of that are best fitting and have relevancy to achieve an effective outcome.

I believe that evaluating the work your currently doing will improve ideas which will improve the overall development of the project giving a greater outcome. This may take the process of things to take longer meaning most people do this very briefly and continue to the next stage but if I have the time I do take the evaluating process very seriously.

The experimentation side to this project was done quite regularly as my overall design is much different to my sketch ideas. I started my creation process by creating my sketch ideas which I then noticed that wix couldn’t provide some of these ideas with the features provided. So I did make many changes which I believe did work out for the best these issues actually gave me the idea of a one page parallax which is very effective in my opinion.

I believe I have achieved the majority of the learning outcomes by looking at the final design produced and the blog posts done. The final website design clearly shows considerations to aesthetics and user interface when users are navigating through the portfolio. The considerations have also been briefly discussed within my blog posts from things like navigation, imagery and layout.

The most enjoyable part of this project is just the idea generation and then taking these ideas to create the final design. The reason I like this is because web design/creation is one of my favourite topics involved with graphic design. It’s something that I would like to do as a living maybe along with logo design as these can fit in with each other.

The least enjoyable part of this project is the trial and error factor of the creation process It can really take up so much time swapping and changing everything to see what ideas work best. I find with web design you need to try all your ideas but actually creating them because as sketches they don’t really work in the same way as any final print project such as a poster.

I think during the creation process I worked very efficient and effective basically at my best however it wasn’t like this during the entirely of the project such as the task to evaluate other design company websites I found this a very slow and repetitive task but was important to get an early understanding of web design. To ensure that my work was effective at all times I do sometimes ask family members to browse or read things if I’m unsure.

The workshop with LightMaker definitely inspired me I found their work to be really eye-catching as I said web design is a future career I would like to get into so this workshop with them was really helpful not only for the current web design project.

The most challenging part to this project wasn’t actually something within the project itself It was the fact we had two projects going on at the same time. I do understand that this is good practise for future employment as you’ll have many project going on but it was the whole blog post parts such as doing twice as many evaluations which are lengthy.

The skills I need to develop would be using Adobe Muse which I didn’t use in this project but it’s always good to fully understand the majority of the Adobe programs such as Muse. I did have some lessons with Adobe Muse during the start of the project so I do have some understanding as you can see with the blog posts about what we did in these lessons.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my final outcome of my website I find it unique which clearly shows that it’s a graphic designer digital portfolio in terms of layout and content. I believe it also met the requirements requested from the brief and most importantly fits the audience of businesses looking for graphic design employees like me as thats how portfolios work.

Final Outcome

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