Today we started our day by doing a activity called mindfulness this involves sitting down with our eyes closed while being in a comfortable position. We were then told to focus on the noises around us on what they are, what we could feel around our us. The final kind of questions were things such as do you feel tense, what kind of tasks do you need to do today, think about when someone was nice to you and think about when you were nice to someone else.

The activity made me feel calm and relaxed. It was very quiet which is a change during the average¬†day. I focused on noises that I didn’t really notice when its the usual noise level for instance I could hear the air-cooling system and the clock ticking and even my own breathing. During the morning I did feel quite tense while doing this activity as some deadlines were around the corner at the time. I focused and thought of the tasks that needed to be done today to be on time with this deadline. When thinking when I was nice to someone it reminded me when I printed a word document for someone in the library with my card as they had no money at the time I was happy doing it as its only a small fee.

We once again did the mindfulness activity but this time we imagined that we were picking up a sultana raisin and touching it with our tongue proceeding to eating while thinking of the taste. Then we did this activity in reality in which we could compare our imagination to reality to see if there was similarities.

The activity made me feel calm and relaxed once again due to sitting in a relaxed position with our eyes closed. Imaging the raisin in my hand made me think of the size, weight and texture my thoughts on these three factors made me remember the times I had some raisins to think of these.