What is LightMaker?

LightMaker are an international digital agency with nearly 20 years experience developing digital destinations and the strategies that power them. But it’s far easier to just say that we have grown up with digital.

Here’s some work they’ve produced recently:

Today we were given the opportunity to meet with two workers from LightMaker. We were given a brief presentation of what the company does and we were shown some examples of the work they make for clients. One major project they have worked on is creating a website advertising the online game called WorldOfTanks. They showed us what they produced as well as sketches to give a full understanding of the idea process.

We were then asked to get in groups to sketch/mock-up our own WorldOfTanks web design. Our group came up with a design that allows the user to pick a faction, type of tank, model of tank and then to be able to customise the tank. Before all this we agreed that the ‘play for free’ button needed to be on every page so we went with bottom centre for the location we also agreed on the logo being on the top left as this the important information. Firstly the pick a faction page is the first page this allows you to pick a faction of your choice which will then later effect the options of tanks you will have to pick we also wanted the flags to wave around in the wind as the user highlights them. The next page allows you to pick the type of tank which is an actual feature in the real game the options are light, medium, heavy, tank destroyer and artillery while choosing stats will be displayed and also some context and history about them. The next page is the customisation process of your chosen tank so this means you can add things to it such as stickers of flags, colour of parts and tank treads type this will once again shows stats and also a biography of your tank diver. The final page is where you can inspect your tank from the inside, look at stats and figures such as fire rate, ammo type and so on.

We then presented these ideas/sketches to the class so we can see what the other groups have produced. Here are the images of the mock ups produced for our WorldOfTanks website design in order page to page.