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I really like the design of this website it has a simplistic design with a white and red colour theme which works well. I also love the minimalistic layout which is a common occurrence when looking at these design websites so this is something to consider with my final website design. The font used is very basic which gives a greater effect when combined with the colour scheme to give an easy to read professional look. Another element I like about the text is it’s not coloured in the usual dark black its in a light grey which I think looks more elegant especially with a white background involved. I’m also a fan on how the images of the work is presented in a very compact layout this goes with minimalism once again I’ve also noticed as you highlight these images text will pop-up with the name of the work which works really effectively as no clutter of text is created this is defiantly a feature that I will add into my design. Overall I rate this website very highly I will most likely be taking inspiration from here.

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I found the initial appearance of this website to be a computer programming design website judging by the layout and style of the text. I love the white on black colour scheme as it always looks smart and clean which in a design sense is very important. I noticed that the colour scheme actually fits in with the featured designs making it look clean and embedded. Also some of these designs have animations when highlighted which gives a very pleasant viewer experience and interactive feel. I’m a fan of the navigation bar its clean and simple just like the overall theme giving an easier experience for navigation to the user which is key to any website. Overall I like this website its uncommon making it stand out from the competition.

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I found the homepage to this website to be really effective the side-show looks clean and minimal giving a nice introduction to who they are and what they do. Once again this website is very minimalistic like most design websites which I believe are most effective so inspiration is considered in this department. The font used is very clean and perfect for website type this is something similar to a font I would like to use as well. I’m also a fan of the buttons used they seem to be just simple hollow rectangles that elegantly full up in colour when highlighted. I will most likely have buttons within my website so this style is something that I will take as inspiration when creating my own as I think these will fit the set theme I have in mind. I’m loving the navigation bar it covers the full-page with a swipe down animation which looks and operates in an aesthetically pleasing way. Overall I love this website it has elements that I’ve never seen before such as the navigation bar meaning some ideas for my website have sprung into mind.



I really didn’t like the homepage on this one its a side-show which I’m fine with but I found it way too big which had no way of navigating around meaning I didn’t even know it was a side-show to begin with at first. However I did like the navigation side menu it’s located on the left hand side in which it would always stay open I found this perfect for any website that has little information to show but mainly final designs. The font used is a very default and clean type based font which in my opinion is a good thing for any design based websites. I would say that this website has more of a basic vibe than a minimalistic vibe which isn’t a bad thing as It makes it much more user-friendly than an abstract minimalistic designed website where buttons are hidden or scattered. Overall I don’t mind this website but I will say it seems it doesn’t stand out in any way from other websites which as a designer its great to have a website designed by you to show the design skills you have other than just the work featured.

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I really like the initial appearance of this website its evenly spaced out with a simple white, grey and red colour scheme which I see as a common occurrence. The navigation bar is very basic but unique in its style each button is divided by lines and a large amount of spacing I find this really effective. The font used is very straight with very little serifs are included which I personally find very bold and to the point which is perfect for any website that has one purpose aka to show off work produced by them. Once again with a pervious website I analysed the text is coloured in a light grey which believe works much more effectively on a white background than the usual black on white. The images are very spaced apart when they are side by side this fits with the overall spaced theme just like the navigation bar and even the kerning on their logo. Overall I have mixed opinions of this website there’s many features and styles I like and have even taken inspiration from these but there’s some design choices that im not a fan of such as white spacing on some pages.



I found this website to have the most eye-catching homepage because its out of the ordinary in terms of layout for example there’s no logo on the top left no navigation bar on the top center and so on. I love the way minimalism is done here with the simple text highlighted with vibrant colours that s aligned central. I soon noticed that the text highlighted by the vibrant colours are actually clickable buttons just like a navigation bar so it’s basically like a navigation bar embedded into a paragraph which I found very creative. The font is like the majority of typefaces used it uses many serifs to give it that typed look. The featured work or just the images in general are ordered in a very spaced out method this is to give focus and separation between all areas of featured work. Overall I found the homepage to be the star piece here but the rest was pretty mainstream to some extent still effective but basic.



I love the minimalistic but clean feel to this website everything seems so elegant from scrolling up and down to switching pages it really keeps you focused and keeps you tuned in while navigating. The navigation bar is as simple as it gets which in this case is good for the minimalism also I noticed that the logo was styled in the same way as the navigation bar also. Once again the font used is very straight and basic like some previous websites I evaluated this seems to be a common occurrence so this type of style seems to be a favourite in design so I will need to consider a font type like this. The images are placed side by side so there’s no spacing between them this allows more room for more content also its a style that I find very effective as it eliminates white space for a cleaner look. Overall I really like the minimalism with this website I like how its done compared to the others I can see the majority of my inspiration relating to this one.

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I liked the initial appearance of this website as it has cameras around their office where work is produced every working day it shows confidence in what they do and they treat the business like any other. The design of the website itself seemed very similar to spin with the white on black and the ‘coded’ vibe it brings to me which shows skills with computer based work such as programming. The work is presented in a very compact formation which im a fan of another nice feature is that as you hover the work it appears animated giving the user that interactive feel. The font used is very basic like most of the websites evaluated but I noticed its more curvy than straight which I believe works just as well. Overall I found this one to be unique which stands out from other businesses but personally it’s not my style but I will say I love the interaction that’s involved.