Today we learnt how to add leading to our text in Adobe InDesign.

We started by creating a new document with a custom layout of two columns. We then added a text box to the left hand column and filled this with place holder text (pictured) making sure to overfill it so the same place holder text can go to the second column.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 15.57.54.png

We then selected the baseline grid tool (pictured) which adds lines on the page just like lined paper it allows all text to be equal distances apart giving it a professional look.


I noticed that my text did not fit the baseline grid this meant I needed to change the leading of the text until it sits correctly this is done with the leading tool (pictured) 12pt made it work for me.


The next thing we needed to do was to change the story under the type and tables tool (pictured) which allows the text to stay within the guidelines of the columns but the punctuation to hang out into the middle gutter. This is a known method used by many publishers so I will most definitely use this in my design in the future.


Final Outcome: