Visual Communication:

When given this brief we needed to focus on the visual communication with our designs as the fruit factory PW has workers that speak many different languages. So we needed to create designs that work around this so in other words designs that mainly use visual communication such as image and colour. I believe that my design fits the criteria as it’s all mainly visual other than the phrase “Miss Fruit” which is the title that’s needed. Another thing is the message I believe that this meets the brief as my design is showing the beauty of fruit along with our groups design we made together. The message of the beauty of fruit links into waste prevention because the goal is to idolise the fruit that’s entering the pageant to show the effort the fruit has made to look beautiful which in a real world perspective is the preparation as such growing, travelling and packaging the fruit.

The strengths of my designs visual communication would be the layout as its simplistic such as the barber chair and even the strawberry contestant as I wanted to continue with the groups designs we made which was also very simplistic yet effective. Another strength would be the art style yet again I went with our groups design art style as my work is a continuation from it so I believe it needs a link as they work together as a final print/vinyl.

I would say one weakness to my fruit beauty behind the scenes design would be if fully finished I would have liked more than just four designs that would go around the same room as the main design which is the beauty pageant we made as our group. I really couldn’t think of any more designs that use different fruit but still links with PW preparation and beauty pageants. However I still believe even with four behind the scene designs will still bring the message and be effective in an advertising format.

My design could be mis-understood by my target audience which are the workers because they could see it for a younger audience in someway as the designs are cartoonish in an entertaining way which for some people at the working age may not enjoy. However I believe that most workers will enjoy it as it will bring colour and entertainment to the canteen walls as they sit down and eat.

To improve my design or just to add more I could have added travel distances with the dotted line with the main pageant idea to bring into real world context how far this fruit has travelled it would be a shame to make it waste. Another thing is just to make more designs I only managed to create a final piece on the barber shop idea I would have liked to create the other behind the scenes ideas but time caught up with me as I’m new to illustrator and don’t have access at home but least I have sketched and explained what those ideas are as they are really good in my opinion.

Reflection of own working practices:

To be honest I believe my time keeping was quite poor as you may know I only managed to create one Illustrator design idea but I had three more in mind. I think these other ideas would have looked great in Illustrator but my time was low mainly due to having no access at home so it was only Tim’s lessons in the afternoon really. The pecha kucha timing could have been worse I managed to say everything more or less without pausing there was one part where I did some back tracking but that was at the end note that this was my first time doing one so I believe it went well.

I think I did a good job on analysing the brief making sure that my ideas would work and fit the criteria for the clients. I believe even the concept that our group made fruit beauty which I continued on fits the criteria well I think it’s a every in-depth and well executed idea that also fits the criteria in terms of design and concept.

I believe that my research was good into a sense of PW and how fruit is prepared. However I do believe that some research into other organisations that focus on the prevention of fruit waste would have been useful as they may have strategies and so on.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create my final design like many others doing this project but this programme is very new to me its something never been used before this project so experimentation was frequent such as using the tools I’m not familiar with. But using the programme that focuses on illustration it was prefect to get my sketch ideas onto the computer to make it into a colourful and detailed format perfect for visual communication. I believe after this I am more confident with Adobe Illustrator meaning the ‘risk’ taken paid off as now I can use this programme a bit more frequently for projects as I do believe its a great programme to create anything visual if not the best.

I used detailed research into PW for my design ideas because I wanted all my ideas to link into the actual ways that PW prepare fruit. So for example the blueberry idea on an airport walkway conveyor belt links with what they do at PW because they roll blueberries onto a conveyor belt and the workers pick out the ones that don’t fit the requirements aka the ones that don’t look beautiful for the pageant.

I enjoyed the creation process the most as it’s always fun learning new programmes like Illustrator as they will come into use in the future so it’s a good life skill to use early on because I know more projects will be prefect for this programme. Using this for the first time has definitely made me more confident which is very important for design and I’m overall pleased with the outcome even though I had more designs I would have liked to do.

The part I enjoyed the least must have been the pecha kucha mainly because I’ve never done anything like it and I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to presentations so having a time restriction didn’t help.

I would say PW inspired me as I never knew the process that goes into mass fruit marketing and preparing before starting this course and also just the journey of the fruit as it comes from all around the world which is a huge scale just for you to buy an apple I never thought the distance that the apple could have come from factory to factory.

I would say the most challenging area that I found difficult would be just the time we had to split up out of our groups and create our own designs that needed to be presented to our clients. We had about a week and a half to do this but I do understand that this is practise for the real world as a graphic designer as you will have many clients with time scales like this so practise and experience now is for the best to be successful as a designer.

Good design? Evaluation (Ethics):

In what ways have you considered the sustainability of your project process and outcomes? 

During this project/campaign I made sure that my idea would be sustainable if my idea was going to be chosen. I did this by obviously not going over the top whether that’s in terms of scale, context or material and so on. In terms of material/display I chose it to be a vinyl as my design was a wall design I did some research and found that vinyl is the best bet as it can be reused and leaves no mess behind as I remember Andrew our client saying that he would like to switch between the designs he likes monthly. In terms of location I chose the canteen as I specifically remember Andrew saying that designs inside the workplace may affect health regulations from our group presentations so he said places like the canteen will most definitely be possible.

In what ways have you considered the ethical implications of your project process and outcomes?

I wanted my design to bring a positive message by being entertaining and creative but yet showing meaning by preventing waste in which I hope this design will do even if it’s for a few days it’s helping out. I believe that this will bring the positive message as its colourful and has a lot of meaning which I believe will get them interested and entertained. I believe that the canteen is best for this as when they sit down and eat on their break they’ll look around and notice it giving them a chuckle which is what they may just need that day.

In sustainability and ethical terms in what ways was your work in this project an improvement or a backward step for you as a socially conscious designer?

Throughout this project I was always aware of the ethical and sustainable responsibilities I needed to take in consideration on my own as this is a real project that can actually be used in the real world so its important to follow the ‘rules’ in some sense. However I do believe that these considerations and the seriousness of the project has made me more aware of the things that need to be considered as a socially conscious designer so I believe I have made a step forward which is going to be much useful in future employment.

What targets can you make at this point for your work in the future as a socially conscious designer?

I believe a good target to set myself is to make my designs and ideas more sustainable as its very easy to ‘go to far’ as our minds are always buzzing with ideas. I don’t think that this happened to me in this project as I did consider this already but I do believe that it can happen to anyone including me so the target is just to be more aware in the future.