After listing ideas on a mind map to pinpoint the ideas that I believe are most effective, I began to sketch the two main ideas and bullet pointed what needs to be visualised?, does it show the meaning? and would this work along with the pageant illustration?. From these bullet points I tried to add in anything extra into my sketches that could improve it even in the slightest. I then proceeded to illustrate the sketches I made on Adobe Illustrator using many skills we have learnt in class and the previous project Type Tour Poster.

To start off the creation process I chose to Illustrate the strawberry barber shop idea as I believe this design works the best to show meaning. This means that I needed to create a barber shop style chair and of course a strawberry beauty contestant. I did the chair first as I felt that the foundries needed to be done first to make this chair I went on my phone and googled ‘barber shop chair’ which had many results I made sure to pick one that looked simplistic as I will be taking inspiration and I don’t want the chair to be more complex than the actual focus aka the strawberry contestant.