When thinking of ideas to continue Fruit Beauty on our own I immediately had the idea of the ‘behind the scenes’ of the beauty pageant idea which was our final idea as a group. Once thinking of the contestants having preparation to look ‘beautiful’ to win the contest I knew that I could link it into real PW scenarios on the ways they prep their own fruit. So I began by creating a mind map (pictured) of my beauty preparation ideas that link with PW in some way. I managed to come up with about five ideas that I think could work these are:

  1. Strawberry barbershop ‘haircut’
  2. Blueberry travelling on walkway conveyor belt
  3. Banana tanning with a bed or at a beach
  4. Grapes pedicure
  5. Mix of fruit within a bathtub or swimming pool


When looking at these ideas I knew that I had some favourites this being the barbershop idea and the travelling airport idea. I believe that these two show the best link when it comes to PW preparation. The reason for this is the strawberry barbershop idea at PW they slice the top of the strawberry off so this can be done with a barbershop Illustration and the Blueberry idea at an airport conveyor belt this is done at PW to pick out any deformed blueberries so this can also be done as an Illustration. So these two ideas are the ones that I took further into creation/research.