We presented to our clients as a group by showing them our ideas that meet the requirements given in the past. I believe our group presented really we all we seemed to convey our message to him of a light-hearted and fun campaign in the style of a beauty pageant. Our client seemed to like all of the several ideas that all of the groups had this is their feedback:

  • Every group had ideas that are valuable and good to extend with
  • Posters and vinyl ideas will have to be in the canteen/changing areas due to strict health and safety regulations
  • The client liked the ideas to do with the journey of the fruit as well as the value of the fruit used being known by the workers when they handle it in the factory
  • Recognition/appreciation for the workers and staff in the factory was also a good idea
  • Loves the music idea – proven that white noise (fans, air con etc.) send you to sleep where as pink noise (music, songs, radio) keeps you awake and motivates you more
  • The client liked everyone’s presentation skills taking the moral high ground
  • The client liked the illustrations and the fact that they were mainly focused around the workers and the people who grew the fruits