To start off this project we were put into small groups of mixed year groups from HND1, HND2 and BA students. This will be our group in which we will need to come up with a creative concept to prevent fruit wastage at PW. This idea will then be presented later on to the managers at PW to gain feedback in order to spilt off individually making our own designs using Illustrator which could be used by PW if found effective and fitting.

To start this off we did some sketches of the fruits emotions (pictured) that link with them being wasted to give visualisation on how they should be conveyed in our ideas.


Soon after the sketches we decided that a mind map of ideas (pictured) would be best as so many were being spoken of. After they were all listed we needed to decide on what we think is the best idea this ended up being the beauty pageant contest idea linked with another popular idea the world map showing the fruits travel distance for preparation.


These two ideas were then taken into further development we began this by looking at other existing fruit advertisements (pictured) in order to choose an art style that can be done in illustrator.

One of our group members had the idea of a ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ type art style (pictured) as its very distinct and cute. We all went with this as its perfect for our beauty pageant idea plus I’m a big fan of the mobile game.


Using the ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ art style we created the beauty pageant contestants (pictured) using Adobe Illustrator these will be used later on once the stage has been created.


While the contestants were being created I helped with one other group member in the year above to create the stage with the world map (pictured) showing the fruits journey around the world aka the pageant contestants. The contestants were soon later added in the their dedicated area the catwalk with the similar features any pageant would have such as the spotlights.