The crit for the Zine went differently we went around table to table looking at each others creations and gave feedback on them. This is my feedback sheet once the crit was over (pictured).


The strong points and improvements below is from my teacher in order for me to improve and know how well my Zine is so far.

Strong points:

Your Zine shows a good eye for collage and you have presented a range of typefaces very well. The work on the cover and the Big/Small page are best because they show how you have taken note of the features of type to convey in a literal and abstract manner and you have put more manipulation of the letterforms in than you have on the groups of brand names or articles, for example. They type you have manipulated yourself would meet the brief best as it shows what you can do with letterforms.

Areas for improvement:

Zine – as you have nothing in your blog you will bring your grade down. Luckily this project will not be graded until the end of the year so please make the time to add posts to prevent your grade for your practical work being spoiled by having no back up. Target: Work more quickly so that you can try out a test print (Intelligent Fast Failure).