Feedback on my poster given by teachers and classmates:

  • Good explanation and screenshots of how he created the poster
  • Good colour matches – using the colours from the image to use in his own editing process with the headers and footers
  • Good usage of fonts they fit the typographic theme
  • Good attention to bordering the poster with outlines and so on
  • Advanced usage of tools such as drop shadow and rotation
  • The custom fonts at was a unique idea

Feedback on others work:


  • Detailed research
  • Title is unique with Peters letter cutouts
  • Good use of skills such as cropping the beach and drop shadow with text.


  • Kern post shown which I agree helped out a lot
  • Lots of drafts
  • Bexhill letter spacing is very well done


  • Good use of inspiration with Peters work
  • Footstep idea has a strong link
  • Good simple colour scheme, light blue


  • Lots of sketches and mock-ups
  • Good use of Photoshop skills such as adding in flag
  • Found some of the mock-ups more effective meaning that they were done in great detail


  • Good inspiration not only from Peters work but BMW, Beatles
  • Detailed consideration on the usage of images
  • Unique use of a border styled with Peters work


  • Liking the staircase at the Pavilion idea
  • Type blends in with the material behind high level editing used
  • Detailed research of the Pavilion even had photos of the handouts


  • Extremely detailed research many posts
  • Letter H with the two pillars idea with the final design is very creative
  • Had a similar idea like Connor with the staircase which is effective