Visual Communication:

I believe that the visual meaning/message of my Type Tour Poster meets the needs of the brief as it shows the concept of discovering typography whilst walking. I would say that my poster clearly advertises the needed information as it states when the walk will take place and where it will be and where people can find out more information. The image used shows many forms of type on a bakery sign which is an iconic symbol to be outside of shops at the coast line meaning that the sign has relevancy to Bexhill in a positive manner encouraging people to attend the typographic walk. I believe that many people walk around and don’t notice the amounts of typography around them even things such as outdoor signs which Bexhill locals must do everyday so I wanted people to notice by including the sign into the poster as it may give them a new perspective.

One strength of my posters visual communication would be the fonts that I used for my title and more info section. These fonts were ‘Atlantic_Cruise’ and ‘Traveling_Typewriter’ which I specifically downloaded from as I believe that fonts make the reader read in a different tone/mood and bring relevancy to the context of the poster in which the reader will see creativity meaning that the poster has worked. This poster is about type so to focus on the type used in the poster is very important in my opinion because if you fail to use a ‘good’ font the reader will take no notice or think poorly about the advertisement.

One weakness of my posters visual communication would be the background around the sign It’s just a bricked pathway and a road beside it which doesn’t really show off Bexhill well as we all know it by a beach. To change this I could have cut out the sign and placed it with a rocky beach as the background but this is very advanced and I believe It would look out of place due to no shadowing in which would be important as the sun was shining bright the day at Bexhill.

I believe that my poster could be mis-understood/leading to the ‘regular exhibitor’ type audience as they may see my poster as an advertisement to an exhibition like most cases adverts usually advertise a place to visit but of course this is not the case its to advertise the different typography that’s already available to them to see in the outside world. This is an example of why the ‘for more information’ link is essential to posters as it answers questions which maybe completely mis-understood as everyone thinks differently.

Reflection of own working practices:

I would say my time keeping throughout this project was to some extent good I allowed myself to test print in order to check for any print errors that can regularly happen even though the printers in the college aren’t the best I can still check for cropping and pixelation. However when it came to blogging I ran low on time as it was very tight with the editing in class which was the only area I could continue with it mainly due to font installations I treated this more important as I felt I couldn’t blog until its done.

I will admit going into this project at the beginning my understanding of the briefs needs wasn’t quite too good In terms of the purpose. I knew that the purpose was to advertise a typographic walk in Bexhill but didn’t know whether this was a walk tour or an exhibition or just nothing other than realisation of type around us everyday. However asides from this I did refer back to the brief when creating the poster and even just research this making sure that necessary information is added such as the title, date and website link.

When this project started the first thing I did was research both primary and secondary from looking at posters online or just in public like at Bexhill to create an effective like poster. You can also consider that the trip to Peters exhibition is research on type itself let alone the poster as knowledge of type plays a big apart as an effective poster especially one that’s about typography. I decided that the title should be located top centre and the website link and date bottom centre so the featured image will be the main focus as this will catch the attention of the audience this is a common technique used in posters so I went with the known effective method.

I used some experimentation in my final design with the layout and also the features with it such as text and images. Firstly I looked at the text needed and decided on fonts and listed them out as examples seeing what works best with the title ‘Typographic Walk in Bexhill’ and picked the best. Then I picked an image from looking at all the images taken during the trip I knew that I only wanted one image so I was looking for one that shows many forms of type which ended up being the bakery sign. Once the image was chosen I then experimented with the text and the image in terms of size and location to make them fit and work together after trying different combinations I finalised with the traditional poster format that I believe works best with the resources I had this is the title on top, image in centre and more info at bottom. I believe that this format is the best for the content I had as its easy to read, titles on top meaning the first thing they’ll read and image in centre giving it focus with it taking the majority of the space. I diffidently could have done more experimentation in this project in terms of making mock-ups that used different images and poster layouts but time was low and the range of images that I liked were low.

The most enjoyable part of this project for me must have been the creation process I really enjoy designing and exploring for a final outcome as there’s so much you can do with many ideas. I find the Adobe programs really practical and fun to explore as there’s so many tools that I’ve never used in Tim’s lessons I learn a substantial amount with things like this making the creation process time efficient.

Something that I didn’t enjoy too much with the project would have to be the process of blogging while editing. This is mainly with the editing process blog were we need to show how I created my poster with the various editing skills used I found this to take time especially with the sort time scale between them.

I would say my inspiration for my final piece Isn’t a specific person but just google search as I looked at posters online looking at layout, format and font. I found this very helpful as I knew these three things are very important so I wanted to see how they look like and whether in my opinion they work especially with the target audience and the typographic theme. However the trip to see Peter Blake’s work was very inspiring as it shows so many formats of typography and gave me a better idea on what it is as at the time i wasn’t familiar with the terminology.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my final outcome as it met my target audience and signified the information about the Typographic Walk in a clear manner which hopefully I believe will work and give interest to the local creative industry to participate. Next time another project comes up like this I would like to manage my time better with blogging and creating and maybe even get some mock-ups created as I can visually see my other ideas.

Final Outcome: