To start designing/editing my Type Tour Poster I needed an appropriate font I went on dafont (pictured) for this they have thousands of fonts to choose from. I ended up downloading about five fonts that I felt could work best for showing typography and then installed them into the Apple Fonts app so they can be selected from the drop down list in Illustrator like any font.


I then listed them side by side with the title ‘Typographic Walk in Bexhill’ (pictured) this was done to see which one I think I like the most I ended up using ‘Atlantic_Cruise’ for the title and date also ‘Traveling_Typewriter’ for the further information part. I believe that these two fonts are really good at displaying/advertising typography together which will make a good final outcome.


I then needed to select a main image for my poster I went with an image that was taken in Tonbridge (pictured) it’s a bakery sign. The image was taken on my iPhone 7 the reason for choosing this image shows many forms of typography one noticeable form is the word ‘Croissants’ the letter C is a drawing of a croissant which I found very creative like many words on this sign. This image also shows a hidden message that typography is everywhere around us everyday even outside a bakery. I believe that this image is perfect to show a typographic walk around Bexhill as its located in the streets where many people walk everyday just like me on the day at Bexhill.


Now it’s time to add everything together so I started by adding the main image to the A3 canvas (pictured) making sure not to distort the image when making it fit I did this by holding SHIFT when dragging the corners.


This left me with some white space at the bottom of the canvas which I then added in a stretched square (pictured) to fill in the blank space which is perfect for the date and more info text that needs to be added in. I then added the same square to the top of the canvas to add some symmetry to the poster this is perfect for the title. The title, date and more info will be in custom fonts that I downloaded online also I gave them a thin black outline to make them stand out from the blue squares behind it.


Once everything was positioned and added I decided to add in some effects this being the effect called drop shadow (pictured) which adds a shadow behind the text. I used this for my title to give it a bold look as the titles one of the key focuses to the poster other than the image itself. I also found that the squares I added didn’t look like they work in terms of overlapping the bottom and top of the image so I added a black line to separate it like a border to give it a more clean professional look.


Later on I noticed that the date was on its own with two gaps on each side of it which didn’t look right to me so I decided to add in slanted sided lines (pictured) to fill up the negative space making sure it’s the same colour than the text.


The audience that this Poster targets is the ‘everyday walker’ that doesn’t notice the typography around them I want them to notice even the locals at Bexhill hopefully this poster will make them see typography in a new perspective. I believe that the image chosen is suitable for my target audience as signs like this are a common thing to walk past for a ‘everyday walker’ and not notice so my poster showcasing it will hopefully get the audience to notice the typography that’s located in signs like this.