When it came to researching for ideas the first thing I did was to look at previous Bexhill posters (pictured) mainly ones that focused on the location itself and The Pavilion. I discovered that these posters were themed old-fashioned when it came to the art style and colouring. This theme is one due to its history and heritage which I personally think it gives a unique look that stands out to convey a message however I do believe this is done too often. The second form of research I did was googling generic posters to look at the types of layout and format I can take inspiration¬†from. I’m leaning towards the classic title up top, picture in centre and information at bottom but we’ll see during the creation process what I picked due to the reasoning.

The research on these previous posters have given me an urge to create a modern styled poster with vibrant colours but keeping the basic theme they have going on. I believe that trying something new will make you stand out to other competition giving greater success.

I also