Plans changed today we were given a surprise brief called Prevent (pictured) which is about the awareness of terrorism/radicalisation were asked to as a class group to create an interesting design to advertise the government program called Prevent. This is a little competition between the three graphic design year groups HND1, HND2 and BA the winning design will actually be used at West Kent College and maybe University of Kent.

This project consists between two full days only.Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 11.24.37.png

Day – 1

We started by doing Prevent research in the Mac room we were asked to visit Learning Prevent which shows the causes of radicalisation and gives some real examples in videos. This is for the people who are not familiar with the Prevent program to give them more context on what it is and how important it can be. I found this website useful as I’m not entirely familiar with the Prevent program so this website gives me the background information in order for me to discuss design ideas that are relevant later on.

Next we were shown a current poster idea for the Prevent campaign (pictured) and was asked what improvements can be done and also PMI – (Plus, Minus, Interesting) points of the poster which then all three-year groups stated their opinions which were mostly negative backing up the point on new designs needed to be designed by us which is what we did the next day as you will see.


Divergent thinking, Time allowed: 90 seconds

Improvements to a wedding ring: Add diamonds, make it bendable, make it light, shape to size of finger, shape to finger as you grow, add speakers, add Bluetooth, add Wi-Fi, add blades as weapon.

Thoughts: I’m getting the hang of it finding this object very easy.

Divergent thinking, Time allowed: 90 seconds

Improvements to a ice skate: Sharpen edge to use as weapon, no laces, laces tie themselves, metal skate that can shape, colour options with a press of button, design pattern options with a press of a button.

Thoughts: Harder but still got a good amount of ideas.

Divergent thinking, Time allowed: 5 minutes

Improvements to a magazine: Bendable metal cover, metal spine, pages that turn themselves, auto book marker, hologram pages, editable area for name, add your own pages in on the go, lighting, light up words when dark.

Thoughts: Found this one a lot of fun some of these ideas would be really cool.

Divergent thinking, Time allowed: 90 seconds

Improvements to a Preventing Advertisement using PMI – (Plus, Minus, Interesting):

Plus – Caps, Bold, Slogan/moto, centred

Minus – Colour, main image

Interesting – Text size, black and white image

Thoughts: I like everything expect the image/object being a scribble that’s 2D with black and white colouring maybe a 3D type colourful pill in the same location would work better. The black and white pill doesn’t fit in with the background colour it may with the changes I stated but I would personally pick another colour. The other features such as text and centring I really like so I believe these would work even better with my ideas.

Prevent Research exercise


The reasons of radicalisation

  • Becoming disrespectful
  • Asking inappropriate questions
  • Absenteeism
  • Becoming detached or withdrawn
  • Signs of stress
  • Isolation from others
  • Scripted speech
  • Crying
  • Quick to anger
  • Unhealthy use of internet

Behind behaviours

Loss, bullying, family upheaval, peer/family pressure, drugs and alcohol, low self-esteem, sexual abuse, adolescence, gang membership, exam/work pressure, stigma and discrimination.

Think: What is?, What if?, What wows?

Prevent final design Ideas:

  • Positive and negative space in logos
  • Street art – front entrance very open (3D)
  • Have a positive core meaning
  • Stay away from stereotypes
  • Family friendly
  • Needs to connect with the audience
  • QR code in websites
  • Website banners
  • Billboard outside
  • Bus stop adverts in the smoking area outside
  • Focus on text before image
  • Badges
  • Flags
  • Handouts
  • Car park road paint text design
  • Desktop background is mainly black other so some perfect space for prevent advert
  • Computer pop-up when logged on into account so like the print balance
  • Coffee cup design
  • Big LED screen outside can include design
  • Transparent stickers to windows
  • Things that hang not just things against walls such as dummy’s
  • Laying stuff out at the front entrance
  • Use of balloons hanging around with messages or phases on them

Day – 2

Today we started by brainstorming Prevent ideas as small groups then began to pitch them to our class as one big meeting in some sense. Then as a class we needed to finalise on one final idea which we think will work best in terms of advertising Prevent. We finalised on a logo design for a poster idea which had a link to a Prevent website and an app which we would design and also create coffee cup designs using the logo with the first idea.

After coming up with multiple design ideas for our poster and coffee cups we decided to begin first of all by creating our logo (pictured). We decided on the logo needing to show protection so we went with the idea of a shield then we noticed that something needed to fill in that shield so we went with people holding hands to show unity. The reason for the primary colour being blue is we think its shows peace and comfort which links with the goals of Prevent. I think that this design is really appealing and effective and will look good on anything just like the coffee cup idea and poster which you will see.


This is the poster (pictured) as you can see the logo is being used as the focus of the design to express all the symbols that I mentioned. We added a link to the campaign’s website and also the classic ‘also available on the App Store’ to quickly inform the reader the two places for further information which is the main purpose of the advertisement. Below all of these features three emoji’s aka emotions which convey the idea of emotion of being a big part in the Prevent campaign. The colour scheme has been kept the same as the logo so both designs fit in and makes it visually appealing to the public. The emoji’s can also be seen as the emotions that cause radicalisation so this can show awareness.


This is our coffee cup designs which were drawn unlike the other designs shown. It includes two very different but informing and attractive designs both sticking to our grey, blue and white colour scheme featuring the prevent logo in a clear manner. Note that these designs are strips which will go around the cup to reduce the cost and work to replace current providers of coffee cups this design if taken further can be printed/made on computer with the correct measurements.


Personally I’m pleased with our group designs I think they are really effective especially the logo. I believe we have a good shot on winning the competition if not runner-up as we have multiple designs such as the poster and coffee cups which will work perfectly as I see coffee cups everywhere around the college Its something students praise.