Today we learnt how to do the positive and negative space activity on Adobe Illustrator as practise for learning the tools and functions on Illustrator as most of us are new to the software.

Firstly we created a new page A3 sized and started with the ‘shape’ tool to create a rectangle the size on the canvas. This shape is then used to split into a grid of smaller squares using the ‘split to grid’ tool (pictured).


This then left a grid covering the majority if the page so the next step was to add in the letters using the ‘text’ tool. The letters needed to be a big font I made mine about size 82 which is perfect to get the same effect as the same task on tracing paper (pictured).


The next step is to drag the letter over the square making sure to send it behind the square. This then allows us to create a ‘clipping mask’ (pictured) which makes it only show the parts of the letter that’s in the square. This process is then done with the remaining squares (pictured).



Final Outcome:

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 15.30.13.png