In order to produce our current project ‘Type Tour Poster’ we went on a trip to Bexhill to see Peter Blake’s ‘Alphabets, Letters and Numbers’. We took photos of Blake’s work (pictured) and also typography around Bexhill just like in Tonbridge. One of these photos will be used within our posters to advertise a typographic walk in Bexhill so we needed to think of positioning and style to fit with a portrait poster format. I found his work very fascinating and will certainly take inspiration from his work he’s a very talented man who is a great person to learn type as a beginner to understand what it is as a whole.

From looking at all of the work featured in this exhibit I found the ‘Alphabet No.10’ series (pictured) to be most fascinating. The reason for this is the scale of work and detail involved it features the entire alphabet in different typefaces in a 3D solid material format. The typefaces and materials are very unique and just the concept in general is something I’ve never seen you usually expect print based work with type in exhibitions but not with Peter’s this make his work stand out from others. I just love the usage of materials it ranges from tile to wood this makes each letter have a different effect especially with the rooms lighting creating shadows in the negative areas.


I also grabbed a little handout on the exhibition (pictured) just for any research needed on Peter as I know his work will influence me while in the creation process of my poster.